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Griche, the compilation

Support the projet by buying a digital or physical version of the compilation, at your local record store or here on Bandcamp.

The compilation

At the core, Griche is a podcast, with monthly interviews with local audio artists. Three years in the making, Griche is now also the name of a compilation record, available on vinyl, including new tracks by the first 12 guests that have been interviewed.

Recreating a kind of virtual community of local experimentalists, the selection is completed by the themes created by the interviewer for the podcast.

Bringing these artists together is a common standpoint of bypassing traditional ideas of rythm, melody and harmony, to explore a realm of sounds set on a continuum between free improvisation and rigourous composition. Along the way, the interconnected variants of experimental music are explored, including field recording, noise, contemporary music composition, electronics or ambient.

Among the local names, you will find artists such as Erick d’Orion or France Jobin, as well as labels such as Tour de Bras, Jeunesse Cosmique and Archive Officielle, each representing their own communities.

The vinyl has been pressed at 180 grams, limited to 200 copies. A nice piece of abstract art!