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What the does the word “Griche”?
Griche is a local Quebec word expressing noise or static, slightly different from standard French. It could be translated by “static” or “white noise”.


While participating in Radio Atelier, a local art show on community radio, Sylvain, already specializing in audio art, has decided to launch its own podcast, which is active since 2019.

Season 1

Guests from the first season (2019-2020)

Éric Normand
Magali Babin
Black Givre (Samuel Bobony)
Érick D’Orion
Hazy Montagne Mystique (Chittakone Baccam)
Hélène Prévost,
Philippe-Aubert Gauthier,
France Jobin,
Erin Gee,
Samuel Mercure,
Yves Daoust
Saison 2

Guests from the second season (2020-2021)

Ida Toninato
Philippe Vandal
Nicolas Bernier
Philippe Lauzier
Kathy Kennedy
Kevin Gironnay
Moshi Moshi (Charlotte Clermont, Gabrielle Godbout et Émilie Payeur)

This season also had more theorical interviews:
André-Éric Létourneau
Esther Bourdages
Eric Fillion (Tenzier)
Louise Boisclair

Season 3 (2021-2022)

Emilie Mouchous
Raphael Foisy-Couture (Small Scale Music)
Chantal Dumas
Gaetan Gosselin (La Croche Oreille)
Nancy Tobin
and Léa Boudreau

Current Projects

Season 4 is under development, with a Patreon campaign upcoming.
A self-published book is also in the works, and will be backed by a GoFundMe campaign. The book will feature transcripts of the first 12 artists, with exclusive pictures.